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to make a long story semi short: the show at the Roseland Theater on Friday was amazing.  Frnkiero andthe Cellebration were so good live and Frank is just as sincere and tiny as everyone says.  he shook my hand like three times while i was saying how important his music has been for me.  Taking Back Sunday was also good, i didn’t know what to expect after their not so great album before this new one (which i haven’t listened to yet) and the Used was predictably interesting and odd.  while i was drinking at the downstairs bar during their set, i met and had a pretty in depth conversation with Eddie Reyes (TBS guitarist) about everything from the weird things Bert says on stage to sports to Frank’s new music to Gerard’s new music to TBS’s discography. 

i have the strangest respect for anyone who can wear a t shirt, a button down, and a cardigan while energetically performing. does frank iero actually have the ability to regulate body temperature or does his emo little heart keep him constantly chilly?

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The First Photograph of a Human Being

"This photograph of Boulevard du Temple in Paris was made in 1838 by Louis Daguerre, the brilliant guy who invented the daguerreotype process of photography.

Aside from its distinction of being a super early photograph, it’s also the first photograph to ever include a human being.

Because the image required an exposure time of over ten minutes, all the people, carriages, and other moving things disappear from the scene. However, in the bottom left hand corner is a man who just so happened to stay somewhat still during the shot — he was having his shoes shined.”