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While I’m stuck going through my old shit at my parents’ house I thought I’d share my desk board thing of my mid 2000 show/music adventures. This isn’t everything but it’s pretty accurate. I think I saw nearly every band on there and a bunch more live at least once between 2005 and 2008. The last picture is a bonus, I missed the famed Warped 2005 because my parents didn’t let me go, but my older sister went. They let me go the next year but I’m still a little bitter about it. I did get to see MCR at Projekt Revolution though, the one Gerard got married to LynZ after so that’s pretty cool. I’m a little surprised there isn’t more MCR and fob stuff on there. I’m not sure what I did with my Frank Iero “action figure”

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If educators are expected to inform students about sexual violence, then they’re going to have to inform them about sex: what it is, how it happens, and when it is and isn’t OK for it to happen. To do that, school boards are going to have to recognize the problems that their abstinence-only curricula perpetuate and make a conscious decision to amend their laws for the health and safety of their residents, especially the youngest ones. By To Teach Students about Sexual Abuse, You Have to Teach Them about Sex (via bitchtopiamag)